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A STORY OF CHANGE: A Case of Proscovia Nakavuma an Ex-prisoner

Proscovia Nakavuma has aged 52 years and a mother of 2 Children. She is an Ex-prisoner at Sentema Prison. Before imprisonment, she lived happily at her home in Namusera, a town on Kampala peripheral not until she was involved in a land fraud deal that led her to Sentema Prison.

As an inmate at Sentema Prison, “I was lucky to have been selected as one of the thirty inmates to benefit from a permaculture rehabilitation project by AFIRD” says Proscovia. She was trained on environment-friendly farming practices including ecological land use design, waste recycling, soil fertility management, and establishing micro-green businesses

After a year of serving her sentence, Proscovia says “a lot had changed” some of her property had been grabbed and the area had become congested- “I had nowhere to start from”! Says Proscovia.

 Nevertheless, the Permaculture knowledge gained was all that Proscovia had and she still wanted to use her whole prison experience to transform the livelihoods of the poor people.  In the quest to utilize the knowledge gained during prison life, Proscovia decided to sell what had remained at her premises and bought land in Kanoni Butenga Sub County in Bukomansibi - a more rural district in central Uganda. She began by establishing a banana plantation and was also in a process of constructing a house as her home.

Proscovia’s aim is to form a women’s group so that she trains them on ecological agriculture using her home as a learning center. She also intends to train women on making detergents as a simple source of income.

AFIRD has already supported Proscovia to reintegrate into her new community and she is among the 18 ex-prisoners to be facilitated to demonstrate permaculture to their communities.

By Wasswa Faizo

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