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In 2020, AFIRD started documenting its history rooted back in 1998. This is done through narration by different stakeholders. Below are a series of stories from different people. 

Episode 1; A story by Stella Lutalo

Episode 2; A story by Musisi Alipio

Episode 3; A story by Namwebe Prossy

Episode 4; A story by Omw. Lydia Jjemba

Episode 5; A story by Mr. Ssebuwufu Edward Lubega

Episode 6; A story by Ms. Nankya Proscovia

Episode 7; A story by Hon. Namuli Nuuru

AFIRD History Series

Mrs. Namazzi Deborah Kakooza is a treasurer under Nabusanke Sustainable Organic mothers’ group. She is aged 57years and married to Rev. Canon Kakooza who has served the church of Uganda for 40years. As a mother, she faces a daily task of catering for a family of ten members (2 care takers and 7 grandchildren) with nutritious food.

Mrs. Kakooza and Husband got transferred from their former church community in Bulamu-Muduuma Mawokota north to Kawaala Nabusanke church of Uganda in the same read more

Proscovia Nakavuma is aged 52 years and a mother of 2 Children. She is an Ex-prisoner at Sentema Prison. Before imprisonment, she lived happily at her home in Namusera, a town on Kampala peripheral not until she was involved in a land fraud deal that led her to Sentema Prison.

As an inmate at Sentema Prison, “I was lucky to have been selected as one of the thirty inmates to benefit from a permaculture rehabilitation project by AFIRD” says Proscovia. She was trained on environment friendly farming practices including: ecological land use design, waste recycling, soil fertility management and establishing micro-green businesses read more

Kikunyu CoU Primary school is a government-aided community primary school located in the Mpigi district, Kammengo sub-county. It has an estimated total of about 162 Pupils, 76 girls and 86 boys plus 8 teachers, 2 males and 6 females. The school was first opened in 1984 under the Anglican church but the letter was adopted by the government in the universal primary education program (UPE) to support free education for all read more

The transformation of bare land into productive land; A case study of Kikuyu COU Primary School - Kammengo

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