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Our Vision



A society free from hunger and disease living in a peaceful and green environment

Our Mission

Empowering small holder farming communities to be income, food and nutrition secure through sustainable farming system and contributing towards agriculture and environment policy development in Uganda

Our Principle

Transparency and accountability



Always being transparent (open) and accountable to the people we work with.


Gender equity.



Being gender responsive, fair and just regarding to the benefits and needs of all genders in all our work.


Team work.


Working as a team with clear roles and responsibilities both inside AFIRD and with stakeholders.


Care for people.


Promoting approaches that ensure human health, welfare and protection of rights with special emphasis to the vulnerable people.


Quality work.



Continually striving to improve the quality of our services and products.

Documentation and information dissemination.

Ensuring accessible (evidence-based) documentation of our experiences and activities towards learning, influencing policies and inspiring others.


Work with nature.



Working creatively with Nature as we conserve and protect the environment in all our work.


Cultural integration.



Recognizing, respecting and integrating local and cultural knowledge and practices.

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