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Farmer-led Development Program (FDP)

Strategic Objective: Improved sustainable farming practices of crop and animal production as well as market access among smallholder farmers for food security, household income, and environment conservation



  1. Permaculture principles

  2. Sustainable agriculture practices

  3. ILUD- potent examples of sustainable land use/conservation

  4. Restorative Prisoner Rehabilitation approach

  5. Peer to peer learning

  6. Exchange learning

  7. Capacity building/ workshops

  8. Use of ICT

  9. Networking and partnerships

Key Result Areas/ Activities

  1. Youths empowered with permaculture principles.

  2. Youths empowered with both on and off farm business skills

  3. Work done documented with fixed point photos, case studies and reports

  4. A policy study around youth issues conducted and applied to inform the YEP interventions.

  5. Nutrition knowledge disseminated among the youths.

  6. Key stakeholders like mothers and teachers who ensure youths welfare are engaged

  7. Rehabilitating and reintegrating young prisoners with their communities.

  8. ILUD approach demonstrated on target groups (prisons, schools, households and refugee camps) land.

  9. Training community led peer trainers on ecological  farming systems

  10. Exchange/cross learning facilitated across the target groups

  11. Gender and disability mainstreamed across the target groups.

  12. Animal integration in ILUD approach.

  13. AFIRD’s principles realized across with Program interventions.

  14. Potent examples of Ecological land use created within schools, Households, prisons and refugee camps.

  15. Potential networks recognized and purposeful used

  16. Routine program staff capacity building on emerging youth issues done.

  17. All program SOPs documented and appreciated by staff.

  18. A standard program M&E system developed for all program projects to adopt.

  19. Environment conservation campaigns organized for young people to raise their voices

  20.  Use ICT and other social media sharing platforms enhanced for effective communication among the youth.

  21. Open learning and sharing platforms ( exhibitions and radio and TV talk shows) facilitated

  22. Water, hygiene and sanitation (WASH) introduced across the target groups.



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